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Gardening Patch - source of gardening advice and information

Welcome to gardeningpatch.com, we aim to provide advice and information on all aspects of gardening be it vegetable gardening, herb gardening, gardening basics.

We are adding new articles all the time so be sure to bookmark us and keep popping back for futher information on whatever gardening project you decide to embark upon.

Latest gardening articles

How to grow Kale - from selecting seed to harvesting

Kale is a hardy vegetable that thrives in cool weather. Learn how to grow Kale using these easy step by step pointers.


How to grow Mint - the complete easy guide to growing Mint

Learn how to grow Mint successfully without it affecting other plants in your garden. Includes sowing, growing from cuttings, soil requirements, tending, harvesting, pests and diseases.

Pond depth contours

How to plan and dig a garden pond

Planning and digging your own garden pond is easier than you think and this complete step by step guide will make sure you do a great job.

Planting fruit trees

Learn how to plant fruit trees the right way -an easy step by step guide.

Learn how to plant fruit trees the right way. This article includes when and where to plant and has an easy to follow step by step guide.


How to grow Chives - all you need to know about growing Chives

Growing Chives is fairly straight forward as long as you follow a few simple rules. Grow Chives at home by following this Gardening Patch guide.